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Easy General Knowledge Quiz 11

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1. Which country has special tea houses and is famous for it?s elaborate tea ceremonies?

2. What kind of electricity can be produced by combing your hair?

3. Why did Edward VIII have to abdicate in 1936?

4. What in the human body is the epidermis?

5. What term is given to the points in spring and autumn when the sun?s path crosses the celestial equator, so that day and night are of approximately equal length?

6. Which rabbit was the hero of some of Beatrix Potter?s stories?

7. Where were Geoffrey Chaucer?s pilgrims going?

8. What nationality is tennis player Boris Becker?

9. In which of the arts did Vaslav Nijinsky make his mark?

10. Which subject did Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, the author known as Lewis Carroll, teach at Oxford University?

11. What is the capital of Finland?

12. 1981 saw the abolition of which means of execution in France?

13. In which English County is Preston?

14. Eugene Terre Blanche has been an extreme right wing leader in which country?

15. Yachting, which country held the Americas Cup from 1932 till 1983?

16. Which famous sailor is associated with the yacht ?Gypsy Moth??

17. Of which country has President Kaudu been the leader?

18. Which diminutive and very young Russian gymnast was a star of the 1972 Olympics?

19. As what did the American Martha Graham become famous?

20. Before reunification what was the capital of West Germany?  


1. Japan

2. Static electricity

3. He wanted to marry a divorcee

4. Skin

5. The vernal and autumnal equinoxes

6. Peter Rabbit

7. Canterbury

8. German

9. Ballet

10. Mathematics

11. Helsinki

12. Guillotine

13. Lancashire

14. South Africa

15. USA

16. Sir Francis Chichester

17. Zambia

18. Olga Korbut

19. Modern Dancer / Choreographer

20. Bonn



#1 TP 2010-11-08 16:56
Q17: It`s president Kaunda
#2 TP 2010-11-08 16:59
Q15: Should be from 1851 till 1983
#3 warren 2012-05-06 20:51
Surely question 4 should read: what on the human body is the epidermis?
#4 Quizmaster 2012-05-08 12:01
I didn't write this Quiz Warren, but in answer to your question; I see your point but I believe the preposition 'in' is acceptable. ('on' would just give it away)

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