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British Politics Quiz 3

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1. What is the name given to the group of people who make sure MPs attend important votes?

2. If an MP applies for the Chiltern Hundreds, what is he doing?

3. What happens if an MP is named in the house by the Speaker?

4. What name is given to an MP that isn?t an office holder?

5. Which person, perhaps not best known as an MP made only one speech in parliament and that was for the window to be opened?

6. What is the name of the public gallery in the houses of parliament?

7. Who was the first printer of parliamentary debates?

8. Which former British Prime Minister once played 1st Class Cricket?

9. On what subject was the first referendum in Britain?

10. Which group of people are referred to as ?Right Honourable??


1. Whips

2. Resigning

3. They have to leave

4. Back Bencher

5. Isaac Newton

6. Strangers Gallery

7. Hansard

8. Alec Douglas Home

9. Joining of the EEC

10. Privy Councillors


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