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1. Which controversial British director made the films The Devils and Women In Love?

2. Who in 1988 was put in charge of running Broadmoor by the Department of Health?

3. Natasha Richardson is the daughter of which famous actress?

4. Name the photographer who was the son of an East End Tailor whose images of London in the 60?s came to epitomise the era?

5. Which former DJ married TV?s Sarah Greene?

6. Name the famous daughter of footballer Bobby Charlton?

7. Who was photographed kissing the duchess of York?s toes in 1992?

8. Which former Goodie is an avid ornithologist?

9. Name the TV comedians who had a hit with the song Whispering Grass?

10. Which Lord is married to scientist Mary Weedon?  


1. Ken Russell

2. Sir Jimmy Saville

3. Vanessa Redgrave

4. David Bailey

5. Mike Smith

6. Suzanne Charlton

7. John Bryan

8. Bill Oddie

9. Windsor Davis and Don Estelle

10. Jeffrey Archer



#1 Quizmaster Keef 2011-09-29 13:47
Question 2 - Sir Jimmy Saville & Broadmoor. I can't find any other reference to him 'running' Broadmoor. He was a porter there, but I can't find anywhere that will verify him running it. Could you share your source on this one?
#2 Dave 2011-09-29 14:11
The question was inspired by the 1989 documentary '40 Minutes: inside Broadmoor' where Jimmy Saville, the self-styled 'boss' of the high-security hospital, is heading a taskforce to set up a new therapeutic regime, and the programme shows him grappling with these and other dilemmas currently facing Broadmoor. See here

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