What Comes Next Quiz 2

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What comes next in the sequences below:

1. Columbia, Challenger, Discovery

2. Australia, Greenland, New Guinea

3. Nile, Amazon

4. Sapphire, Gold, Emerald, Diamond

5. Roger, John, Brian

6. Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra

7. George V, Edward VIII, George VI

8. Churchill, Attlee, Churchill, Eden

9. alpha. Beta, gamma, delta

10. Dorothea Waddingham, Charlotte Bryant, Margaret Allen, Louisa Merrifield, Styllon Christofi,  


1. Atlantis (Space Shuttles)

2. Borneo (Island sizes)

3. Mississippi (River lengths)

4. Platinum (wedding anniversaries 45, 50, 55, 60 and 70)

5. Freddie (Members of Queen)

6. Angola (Alphabetical countries)

7. Elizabeth II (British Monarchs)

8. Macmillan (British PMs)

9. epsilon (Greek alphabet)

10. Ruth Ellis (Won hanged in Briton)  



#1 Liam 2016-11-24 13:11
Question 2 - Australia is actually classified as a continent, so is often not included in the list of worlds largest islands now. After Borneo would be Madagascar.

Question 3 - I believe the Amazon is actually the longest river in the world. Then the Nile, Yangtze, and then the Mississippi.

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