Odd One Out and Why Quiz 1

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1. Bears, Bulls, Cowboys, Dolphins, Giants, Steelers

2. Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker, Octopussy

3. Gigi, The King and I, Oklahoma, The Sound of Music, South Pacific

4. Beethoven, Ray Charles, George III, John Milton, Stevie Wonder

5. Apache, Blackfoot, Huron, Montana, Pawnee, Sioux

6. Arsenal, Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Port Vale, Chelsea

7. Chutnet, Dungarees, Jodhpurs, Pyjamas, Shampoo, Taboo, Verandah

8. Honor Blackman, Joanna Lumley, Helen Mirren, Diana Rigg, Linda Thorsen

9. Flying Scotsman, Golden Arrow, Great eastern, Eastern & Oriental Express, Trans Siberian Express

10. Aria, Concerto, Overture, Prelude, Serenade, Sonata, Symphony  

11. Max Von Sydow,  Aldofo Celli, Tele Savalas, Eric Pohlman


1. Bulls (Chicago) all others American football team

2. Octopussy , all others have themes sung by Shirley Bassey

3. Gigi, all the others by Rodgers and Hammerstein

4. Beethoven, all the others were blind

5. Montana, all others are tribes

6. Port Vale, all others London Clubs

7. Taboo, is Polynesian others are Indian in origin

8. Helen Mirren, Not an Avenger

9. Great eastern, it was a ship, others are trains

10. Aria, its a solo singer or instrument others are more than one

11. Aldofo Celli, all others played chief villain Blofeld



#1 Quizmaster 2008-11-10 11:52
re question 2. Diamonds are forever is also a possible answer as it was not an 'official' Bond film.
#2 Jon Gilbert 2008-11-11 14:57
Sorry to contradict you Paul, but "Diamonds Are Forever" WAS an official Bond film - it was "Never Say Never Again" that was unofficial.
#3 Quizmaster 2008-11-11 15:24
To err is human. Thanks Jon. Must have got up on the wrong side of bed yesterday.
#4 Stuart King 2008-11-15 16:31
Re Q.11 - Didn't Joseph Wiseman play Dr. No rather than Blofeld?
#5 Quizmaster 2008-11-15 16:58
Yes he did No.
#6 colin 2010-10-25 09:14
Beethhoven was blind you know
#7 Daniel 2011-02-06 00:15
Question 7 is Tapu - the Polynesian culture. Taboo is something socially shunted.
#8 pedant from UK 2012-03-09 11:21
It is not Aldofo Celli, it is Adolfo Celi

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