Alphabetical Quiz 12

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many thanks Ted, a great idea.

The idea is that all the answers to the following questions follow each other in alphabetical order.

1. What was previous title of the Morning Star communist newspaper?

2. What was the name of Billy J Kramer's backing band?

3. What is the capital of Syria?

4. Who plays Sam the barman in Cheers?

5. On what river does Vienna stand?

6. On what river does Budapest stand?

7. Which British naturalist was born in 1809 and died in 1882

8. What was the eldest son of the kings of France called?

9. In the Bible, who was Solomon's father?

10. Who was Wales's Olympic Gold long jumper?

11. Who played Maigret on TV in the 60s?

12. Who won Best Actress Oscar for the film Jezebel in 1939?

13. What was the first man-made insecticide?

14. Into which sea does the River Jordan flow?

15. What play recounts the last hours of Willy Loman?

16. What is the hottest place in the USA?

17. On which river is Balmoral Castle?

18. What was codename of Bob Woodward's Watergate contact?

19. What make of car did the time-travel in Back to the Future?

20. What is the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet?

21. In Hi De Hi, what character did Gladys Pugh marry?

22. In what country is Shakespeare's Hamlet set?

23. In what city is Dynasty set?

24. Who was Othello's wife?

25. Codename of Allied attack on Iraq in Gulf War?

26. Who physically attacked Reginald Maudling in Commons?

27. In which county did Axminster carpets originate?

28. What is the simplest gem in terms of chemical composition?

29. What musical direction means To Gradually Become Quieter?

30. What is an Australian wild dog called?  


1. Daily Worker

2. The Dakotas

3. Damascus

4. Ted Danson

5. Danube

6. Danube

7. Charles Darwin

8. The Dauphin

9. David

10. Lynn Davies

11. Rupert Davies

12. Bette Davis

13. DDT

14. Dead Sea

15. Death of a Salesman

16. Death Valley

17. The Dee

18. Deep Throat

19. DeLorean

20. Delta

21. Clive Dempster

22. Denmark

23. Denver, Colorado

24. Desdemona

25. Desert Storm

26. Bernadette Devlin

27. Devon

28. Diamond

29. Diminuendo

30. Dingo


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