Connections Quiz 46

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1. What is the name given to an imaginary line on the surface of the earth running from North to South, Pole to Pole. It is used to measure longitude and the prime one runs through Greenwich?

2. What one word connects an area of South East France, A 19th and 20th century royal European dynasty from Italy and the name given to the operettas by Gilbert and Sullivan?

3. Which tiny 4 letter word has the dictionary definition as all, of all things, in all ways or in all places. OED 1994?

4. What is the name of Vivaldi?s work that violinist Nigel Kennedy had a big hit with in the album charts in the late eighties?

5. Who was the first husband of Elizabeth Taylor? Was it Nicky Hilton, Eddie Fisher or Richard Burton

6. What do we call a person appointed to rule in place of a monarch, either because the monarch is too young or is incapacitated?

7. Which 1942 Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby movie first featured Crosby crooning his way through ?White Christmas? for the 1st time?

8. What is the most widely spoken language in the world?

9. Which all girl group first had a hit with ?Leader of the pack? in 1965?

10. What is the connection between each of the answers or part of the answers for the first 9 questions?


1. Meridien (Meridien Group)

2. Savoy (The Savoy Group)

3. Omni (The Omni Group)

4. The Four Seasons (Four Seasons)

5. Nicky Hilton (Hilton International)

6. Regent (Regent International)

7. Holiday Inn (Holiday Inn)

8. Mandarin (Mandarin Oriental)

9. The Shangri Las (Shangri La)

10. All Hotel Groups


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