Connections Quiz 66

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The following quiz round was submitted by Nick Burns from Kalkan in Turkey. Nick presents his "Kalkan Quiz Nights" at Parc Kalkan on a Tuesday night. Many thanks Nick, a great round.

1. Which 2001 action-adventure movie, filmed in Prague and based on one of Chaucer's works, starred Heath Ledger, Rufus Sewell and Paul Bettany?

2. Which former Labour leader was registered with the Football League as an honorary player for Plymouth Argyle to celebrate his 90th birthday?

3. Which British current affairs magazine first appeared in 1961, having evolved from a school publication edited by Richard Ingrams, Willie Rushton, Christopher Booker and Paul Foot at Shrewsbury School in the mid-1950s?

4. What title is used in the US to describe a licensed attorney, assigned to represent people who are charged with a crime and who desire legal representation but who cannot afford to hire a privately retained attorney.

5. Which Swedish tennis player won 7 Grand Slam singles titles between 1982 and 1988?

6. Which 1953 American Biblical epic film, starring Richard Burton, Jean Simmons and Victor Mature, tells the story of Demetrius, a Roman military tribune who commands the unit that crucifies Jesus?

7. Which Antipodean band, formerly known as Split Enz, played to around 250,000 people at their farewell concert outside Sydney Opera House in November 1996?

8. A recent Rugby Union scandal involving a faked injury to a Harlequins player became known in the tabloid press as what?

9. What was the name of the hideously ugly member of the Beano's Bash Street Kids, so ugly that he became handsome when he pulled a face?

10. John Birks Gillespie had a famous nickname, as did Edward Kennedy Ellington. What was Charles Parker Junior's?

And the connection?



2. MICHAEL FOOT (footbath)

3. PRIVATE EYE (eyebath)

4. PUBLIC DEFENDER (public baths)

5. MATS WILANDER (bathmats)

6. THE ROBE (bathrobe)

7. CROWDED HOUSE (bathhouse)

8. BLOOD GATE (bloodbath)

9. PLUG (bathplug)

10. BIRD (birdbath)

Connection: BATH or BATHS


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