Pauls Food and Drink Quiz 2

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1. Once upon a time, the consumption of foods made with what, often caused ergot poisoning (Holy fire or St. Anthony's fire), resulting in progressive gangrene and/or mental derangement ?  Three letters

2. In which countries would you find the following cities ?  
    a. Cayenne  
    b. Tabasco  
    c. Whiskeytown  
    d. Gin Gin

3. What is a vitamin D deficiency called ?  Seven letters, fifth letter is an 'E'

4. According to Harry Belafonte, what kind of water is "good for your daughter" ?

5. What is 'water of life' in 
    a. Latin  
    b. French  
    c. Scottish Gaelic ?

6. In the Arab world, to eat or share what with someone is an expression for hospitality ?

7. A green gelatinous substance known as calipee is used to make which favorite amongst gastronomes ?

8. Translate distill.   To .....

9. Which South-East Asian fruit's smell reminds people, to put it mildly, of various stages of decay ?

10. Once very popular in Europe, which leafy weed was later called pig weed because it was said to be only suitable for pigs and Frenchmen ?


1. Rye. Usually it was bread that was contaminated.

2. Four Answers:
    a. French Guyana  
    b. Mexico  
    c. USA  
    d. Australia

3. Rickets

4. Coconut water. From the song Coconut Woman. "....the thing thats best when you're feeling gloom, is coconut water with a little rum " "coconut water man, its good for your daughter"     

5. Three Answers
    a. aqua vitae  
    b. Eau de vie  
    c. uisge beatha , usquebaugh (whisky)

6. salt

7. Turtle soup. Calipee is found beneath the lower shell of the Green Turtle.

8. Drip

9. Durian

10. Portulaca, Purslane or Pusley


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