Pauls Wine Quiz 2

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1. Vineyards surprisingly were quite successful in England from the 11th till the 14th century. Why did this abruptly end ?

2. The following lines are from which film ?  
    "I like to drink wine more than I used to" .... "It's good for you pop"

3. Who sang the following songs ?  
    a. Champagne Supernova  
    b. Elderberry wine  
    c. Bitter wine  
    d. Wine colored roses  
    e. Wine woman and song

4. Which man is credited with the early development of Champagne ?

5. One often has a glass as an aperitif. The word stems from the Latin word meaning what ?

6. Tokaji is a famous sweet wine from which country ?

7. Which song, with the word wine in the title, refers to the drop of blood produced when a needle is injected into a vein ?

8. A wine region, a French city built by the English and a famous automobile.

9. Which early 19th century flamboyant poet and lover wrote these words ?  "Champagne with foaming whirls as white as Cleopatra's pearls"

10. In which monumental film does a character played by Rex Harrison claim  "Like wine, whenever I've tried it, the after effects have not been good. I've given up wine, and trust"


1. Climate change

2. The Godfather I

3. Five Answers:
    a. Oasis 
    b. Elton John  
    c. Bon Jovi  
    d. George Jones  
    e. Whitesnake

4. Dom Perignon

5. To open

6. Hungary

7. Spill the wine  (Eric Burdon and War)

8. Cadillac

9. Lord Byron

10. Cleopatra   Rex Harrison is Caesar


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