Food and Drink Quiz 3

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Food and Drink Quiz1. What nationality is the lager producer, ?grolsch??

2. What is the common name for goobers, pindars, groundnuts, or grass nuts?

3. How many bottles of ?champagne? are there in a Nebuchadnezzar?

4. What is the minimum age for a three star brandy - is it three, five or ten years?

5. By What is the seasoned jellied loaf made from the head of a pig generally known?

6. In French cookery, What is the earthenware dish in Which pat? is served?

7. For Which beer is Rutland famous?

8. Which product was renamed ?Arthur?s? after the star of its advertising campaign?

9. Which European nation were the first to drink tea?

10. Which vegetable comes in ?globe? and ?Jerusalem? varieties?

11. What is the cocktail called, that consists of four parts of tequila to two parts of lemon or limejuice?

12. Sorbitol dulcitol and xylitol are forms of what?)

13. Who was the female russian dancer who had a desert named after her?

14. What famous product did cerebos manufacture?

15. Wine vinegar, egg white and what other ingredient goes into making hollandaise sauce?

16. Bruschetta is what?

17. Traditionally what type of meat is used to make a mousakka?

18. Harrissa is what in cooking?

19. What is ciabatta?

20. What colour is chablis?


1. Dutch

2. Peanuts

3. 20 Bottles

4. 5 years

5. Brawn

6. Terrine

7. Ruddles

8. Kattomeat

9. The Dutch

10. Artichokes

11. Margarita

12. Sugars (artificial sweeteners)

13. Anna pavlova

14. cooking salt

15. Butter

16. Fried or toasted bread

17. Lamb

18. A spicy paste

19. Italian bread

20. White