Food and Drink Quiz 4

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Food and Drink Quiz1. Which cooking term is used to describe vegetables cut into very thin strips and cooked slowly in butter?

2. What does the phrase al dente mean?

3. What is bouillon?

4. What is compote?

5. What cooking term is given to a garnish of spinach?

6. 'Plashing' is a term used to describe the collecting or gathering of what kind of nuts?

7. What is pumpernickel?

8. What are bigoli, farfalle, rigati and pansotti?

9. What are sometimes called Chinese Gooseberries?'

10. Gnocchi is a food from Italy. What is it?

11. If you were served crudit?s as a starter before your main meal what would you be eating?

12. Which vegetable is also known as the spinach beet or seakale beet?

13. Kale is a variety of which winter vegetable?

14. What is gazpacho?

15. Petit Fours means literally 'little ovens'. What are they?

16. What is beeswing?

17. What is sauerkraut?

18. In Italy, if you were served pesce martello, what would you be about to eat?

19. Umbles can be made into a pie and gave rise to the expression 'to eat (h)umble pie'. What are umbles?

20. Agar-agar is often used in cooking. What is it?  


1. Julienne

2. Pasta cooked firm

3. A type of soup

4. Fruit preserved or stewed in syrup

5. Florentine

6. Walnuts

7. German Black Bread

8. Pasta Shapes

9. Kiwi Fruit

10. Small dumplings made of potato, flour or semolina

11. Sliced or shredded raw vegetables

12. Swiss Chard

13. Cabbage

14. Cold soup

15. Small french cakes or biscuits

16. Film that forms on the side of a bottle of port

17. A German dish of pickled cabbage

18. Shark

19. Edible entrails

20. A type of gelatine