Food and Drink Quiz 5

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Food and Drink Quiz1. Which spirit is used to fortify red wine in creating port?

2. What is pumpernickel?

3. From what country does Advocaat originate?

4. What name is given to a savoury of oysters wrapped in bacon slices, served on toast?

5. What equivalent English course is antipasto?

6. What is Armagnac?

7. If food is ?au naturel?, what does this mean?

8. Which drink is named after the Duke of Beaufort?s seat and is a long, refreshing drink of claret with soda water and sugar?

9. What is a bain-marie?

10. Which bean is used to produce a tin of baked beans?

11. The French call it Sabayon, what do the Italians call it?

12. If you ordered Cherries Jubilee, how would you expect them to be cooked?

13. Baked Alaska has meringue on the outside , what does the meringue cover?

14. A Linzer torte, named after an Austrian town has a ground nut pastry base spread with Jam. What type of topping does it have?

15. On the dessert menu what is the name given to a mixture of Fresh or dried fruit in syrup?

16. What type of pastry is used for profiteroles?

17. What type of pastry would be used for a jam roly poly?

18. For what was licourice used in ancient Egypt?

19. What food has a name that means twice cooked?

20. What colour is pistachio nut, often used in ice cream and confectionery?

21. What is the French name of the pate made from goose or duck liver?


1. Brandy

2. A type of bread

3. Holland

4. Angels on hoseback

5. Starters or Hors D?Oeuvres

6. A dry, brown, brandy

7. Plainly cooked or uncooked

8. Badminton Cup

9. Vessel for holding hot water in which sauces or other dishes are cooked or kept warm

10. Haricot

11. Zabaglione

12. Flambeed (in kirsch)

13. Ice cream

14. Criss Cross pastry strips

15. Comp?te

16. Choux

17. Suet

18. Medicine

19. Biscuit

20. Light Green

21. Pate de Foie Gras