Pauls Food and Drink Quiz 1

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1. What are the ingredients in thee most famous trick pie? (in English literature)

2. What did Queen Elizabeth I, most Popes and Adolf Hitler all insist on having at their dinner table ? Last letter "R"

3. What name was given to the light,  clear  wine developed in medieval times along the coastal valleys of the Gironde river in the Bordeaux region? Six or seven letters

4. How or when can one eat angel hair or bridegrooms?

5. What was Mr. Creosote's very last course?

6. During the reign of Charles the II, which relatively new kind of establishment was called a magnet for political dissent by the King and was condemned as a den of dalliance by Puritans? Two words

7. Which countrys does one associate with the following foods or drinks: 
    a. barmbrack  
    b. dum aloo  
    c. kvass  
    d. lussekatter  
    e. sachertorte  
    f. kasutera?

8. Which English king not only had to deal with the bloody Vikings but with a barrage of burnt bannocks?

9. In which Dickens novel would one find this service
    "United Metropolitan Improved Hot Muffin and Crumpet Baking and Punctual Delivery Company"  
    a. Great Expectations  
    b. Oliver Twist or
    c. Nicholas Nickelby

10. Who released the following albums:
    a. Larks tongue in aspic  
    b. Whipped cream and other delights  
    c. Strange brew  
    d. Bitches brew?


1. Four and twenty black birds. (Sing a song of six pence)

2. Taster

3. Claret or Clairet

4. When eating pasta. capelletti d'angelo (angel hair)  ziti (bridegrooms)

5. A wafer thin mint. Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.

6. Coffee houses (Where the "black enemy of sleep and copulation" was served)

7. Six Answers:
    a. Ireland  
    b. India  
    c. Russia (Kvass translated means 'bread drink'.)
    d. Sweden  
    e. Austria  
    f. Japan

8. King Alfred

9. c. Nicholas Nickelby

10. Four Answers 
    a. King Crimson  
    b. Herb Albert and the Tijuana brass
    c. Cream  
    d. Miles Davis