Connections Quiz 2

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1. Lara?s Theme was the famous music from which film?

2. Whose home planet was Gallifrey?

3. What is bingo slang for the number 9?

4. Who is the murder victim in the board game of Cluedo?

5. Who was arrested aboard the SS Montrose along with Ethel Le Neve?

6. Which rock groups only UK Top 10 hit is entitled ?Milk and Alcohol??

7. Sir Danvers Carew was murdered in which novel?

8. Who did Val Kilmer portray in the film Tombstone?

9. In 1901 who became the first ever recipient of a Nobel Prize?

10. What is the connection between the last nine answers?


1. Dr Zhivago

2. Dr Who

3. Doctor?s Orders

4. Dr Black

5. Dr Crippen

6. Dr Feelgood

7. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

8. Doc Holliday

9. Dr Emil Behring

10. Doctors