Connections Quiz 4

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1. What sank in 1972 after a fire in Hong Kong harbour?

2. In the 1970s which brand of beer was aid to work wonders?

3. Which actor played a hieroglyphics expert in the film Stargate?

4. Whose daughters were called Regan, Goneril and Cordelia?

5. What name is given to a score of forty-al in tennis?

6. Who did the actor Sam Neill Portray in a 1983 TV series?

7. Who wrote the novel The Call of the Wild?

8. Which song reached no.1 in 1990 for the Steve Miller Band after it was used in a Levi Jeans commercial?

9. The film Apocalypse Now was based on which Joseph Conrad novel?

10. What is the connection between the previous nine answers?


1. The QUEEN Elizabeth Liner

2. Double DIAMOND

3. James SPADEr

4. KING Lear


6. Riley ACE of spies

7. JACK London

8. The JOKER

9. HEART of Darkness

10. Playing Cards