Fish Quiz 1

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1. Where is a fish?s caudal fin?

2. What colour are the spots on plaice?

3. What sort of fish is a skipjack?

4. What family does the anchovy belong to?

5. Caviar is what part of a sturgeon?

6. Tinca Tinca is the Latin name for which fish?

7. Alevin and parr are stages in the development of which fish?

8. What is the world?s largest fish?

9. What is a young Pilchard called?

10. What is another name for the common European Sole?


1. The Tail

2. Red / Orange

3. Tuna

4. Herring

5. Roe

6. Tench

7. Salmon

8. Whale Shark

9. Sardine

10. Dover Sole