Valentines Quiz 1

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1. Who was the first woman in space?

2. Which multi-Oscar winning movie has been described as 'Dangerously close to being a Shirley Valentine for middle aged men'?

3. Who abolished St Valentine's Day, Hogmanay and Halloween as being altogether too frivolous and irreligious?

4. Who, in the title of a shakespeare play are valentine and proteus?

5. Who was the Greek goddess of love?

6. Plus or minus 100 years, what date was the first recorded Valentine sent?

7. Where do you "wear your heart" if you are quick to show your feelings?

8. Name the leader of the Chicago gangsters responsible for the St Valentines Day Massacre in 1929?

9. Which romantically names actor played Raffles

10. Which British city did Shirley Valentine abandon for her Greek holiday?

11. According to an old English tradition, what is supposed to happen to the first man a woman sees on Valentine's Day?

12. True or false: Doves mate for life

13. What does the word Valentine actually mean?

14. Worldwide, plus or minus 5%, what percentage a year of Valentine's Day cards are romantic compared to humorous?

15. True or false: Part of a Valentine's tradition derrives from a Roman festival where boys and girls took it in turns to draw names out of a hat and later got married.

16. Which famous building in New York lights up a red heart each St Valentine's Day?


1. Valentine Tereshkova

2. American Beauty

3. Oliver Cromwell

4. Two gentlemen of Verona

5. Aphrodite

6. 1415

7. Sleeve

8. Al Capone

9. Anthony Valentine

10. Liverpool

11. He marries her

12. True

13. Sweetheart

14. 75% - yes, three quarters of Valentines cards are the sickly romantic ones

15. True

16. The Empire state building