Pauls Music Quiz 8

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Music Quiz Questions1. Which musician was known as the lizard king ?

2. 7th April, 1985. Which duo were the first western pop group to play in China ?

3.Bad Finger excluded, many people thought which 70s band were actually the Beatles in disguise ?  (clue, the name of the band was inspired by a cult sci fi film)

4. In which Beatles songs are the following locations mentioned ?  
    a. Isle of Wight  
    b. Dakota  
    c. Southampton  
    d. Tucson  
    e. Miami Beach  
    f. Blackburn  
    g. Bishopsgate  
    h. L.A.

5. Who broke a long standing Beatles record in 1988 with 7 number one hit singles in a row ?

6. Name the number one hit single with a 'country' in the title in the UK in 1987

7. Which solo artist with catchy songs (even if you dont like them you find yourself singing along) sold the most records in the USA in 1981 ?  
    a. Michael Jackson  
    b. Kenny Rogers  
    c. Boy George

8. The film 'The Coal Miners Daughter' was about the life of which country singer ?

9. The top five albums of the 1980s according to Rolling Stone magazine.  Take an educated guess, name them.

10. Name the four Beatles songs with the word 'bird' in the song title.


Download Music Quiz1. Jim Morrison

2. Wham

3. Klaatu   From the film The Day the Earth Stood Still    "Klaatu barada nikto"

4. Eight Answers
    a. When I`m 64  
    b. Rocky Racoon  
    c. The Ballad of John and Yoko  
    d. Get Back  
    e. Back in the USSR  
    f. A Day in the Life  
    g. Being for the benifit of Mr. Kite  |
    h. Blue Jay Way

5. Whitney Houston...
    Saving all my love for you, 
    How will I know , 
    Greatest love of all , 
    I wanna dance with somebody (who loves me) , 
    Didnt we almost have it all , 
    So emotional , 
    Where do broken hearts go

6. China in your hand (T' Pau) 

7. b. Kenny Rogers

8. Loretta Lynn

9. Five Answers:
    London Calling (The Clash)  
    Purple Rain (Prince)  
    The Joshua Tree (U2)  
    Remain in Light (Talking Heads)  
    Grace Land (Paul Simon)

10. Four Answers
    And your bird can sing  
    Free as a bird  
    Norwegian Wood (This bird has flown)