Keeping up with the Joneses Quiz 1

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1. 1970's Trade Union leader.

2. English architect of Shakespeare's time and a little after).

3. American golfer who was the only amateur to win the British and US Opens in the same year.

4. Australian Formula 1 motor racing champion in 1980.

5. Leader of Britain's "Ultra" intelligence work in World War II.

6. British Para officer who was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for his bravery in the Falklands War.

7. Celebrated American sailor during the War of Independence.

8. Boy soprano from a few years ago who is now on the stage.

9. Folk hero who died in a train crash.

10. Athlete who won the 1985 London marathon.  


1. Jack Jones

2. Inigo Jones

3. Bobby Jones (or Robert T. Jones)

4. Alan Jones

5. Prof. R. V. Jones

6. Lt. Col H (Herbert) Jones

7. John Paul Jones

8. Aled Jones

9. Casey Jones

10. Steve Jones