Connections Quiz 18

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The following connections quiz round was kindly submitted by Sue Darling from the UK. Cheers Sue, you're doing a great job there! Thanks.

1. Mango has a clothing line by which actress and her sister

2. Who's first novel was entitled 'Digital Fortress'

3. Who starred alongside his brother Jeff in the film 'The Fabulous Baker Boys'

4. Sandra Burke and Tracey Tunstall are better known as who

5. 'West Side Story' was based on which Shakespeare tradedy

6. What's the full name of the vicar in the TV show 'The Vicar Of Didley'

7. Who has an album entitled 'Hard Candy'

8. First airing in October 1999, what TV show is a spin-off from 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'

9. Who wrote 'The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy'

10. What is the connection


1. Penelope Cruz (& Monica)

2. Dan Brown

3. Beau Bridges

4. The Fat Slags

5. Romeo & Juliet

6. Geraldine Grainger

7. Madonna

8. Angel

9. Douglas Adams

10. The Spice Girls:
    Cruz (Beckham)
    Brown (Mel Brown)
    Beau (Emma Bunton's son Beau Lee)
    The Fat Slags (Geri Halliwell plays Paige in the film)
    Romeo (Beckham)
    Geraldine (Geraldine Estelle Halliwell)
    Madonna (Geri's daughter Bluebell Madonna)
    Angel (Mel B's daughter Angel Iris)
    Adams (Victoria Beckhams maiden name)