Connections Quiz 19

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ray Dickerson from the UK. Many thanks Ray, a great round there. We do like the connections rounds here at!

1. What was the name of the film released in 1990, in which the USSRs best submarine captain violates orders and heads towards the USA?

2. Famous for his comic characters Ali G and Borat, can you name this actor?

3. Born in Ebbw Vale in 1943, he?s been a leading name in British fashion design for more than 40 years. In 1990 he redesigned the uniforms for the Brownies & Guides, and recently designed clothes for London's 2012 Olympic bid. Who is he?

4. This annual event was named after the wife of George III, and was where the well bred and prettiest girls could be presented at court to the Queen and hopefully meet a suitable marriage partner. What was the event called?

5. Standing in the Vatican City, construction of this church was begun in 1506 but not completed until 120 years later. What is the building called?

6. This area of London is in the Borough of Greenwich and Woolwich and has the postcode of SE7. Where is it?

7. Can you name the singer who died in January 2006, who had a UK hit in 1965 with ?In the Midnight Hour?.

8. He has presented the BBC?s longest running television series since it started in 1957? Who is he?

9. This racecourse in West Moseley (near Hampton Court) held it?s last meeting in 1962, and is now a residential development. What was the course called?

10. These allow access to a field or other areas enclosed by a fence , wall or hedge. What are they? 

11. Connection?


1. The hunt for Red October

2. Sacha Baron Cohen

3. Jeff Banks

4. Queen Charlotte?s Ball

5. St Peter's Basilica

6. Charlton

7. Wilson Picket

8. Patrick Moore

9. Hurst Park

10. Stiles

11. World Cup 1966