Connections Quiz 23

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1. What name is given to the leader of a Brownie pack?

2. Which song was on the flip side of the hit ?The Rivers of Babylon??

3. Who presented the budget in Tony Blair?s first cabinet?

4. What nickname was given to the boxer Joe Louis?

5. Which fellow pop star married Whitney Houston?

6. Which novel featured a bully called Flashman?

7. Which GK Chesterton creation was played on TV by Kenneth More?

8. What did the DB stand for, as in the Aston Martin DB range of cars?

9. What was the name of the gang leader in the novel Brighton Rock?

10. Connection?  



2 BROWN girl in the ring

3 Gordon BROWN

4 The BROWN Bomber

5 Bobby BROWN

6 Tom BROWN?s Schooldays

7 Father BROWN

8 David BROWN

9 Pinkie BROWN

10 BROWN... Duh!