Connections Quiz 25

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1 Antonio is the title character in which Shakespeare play?

2 In Dallas who played Pam Ewing?

3 Who featured on the back of the ?5 note directly before Sir George Stephenson?

4 Who hat a No3 hit in 1978 with an instrumental version of Annie?s Song?

5 What was the name of Rigsby?s cat in Rising damp?

6 Which footballer broke his neck in 1999 and played in the FA cup final in 2000?

7 Which song contains the line ?Have you seen the old man in the closed down market kicking up the papers with his worn out shoes??

8 What role was played by Penelope Keith in To The Manor Born?

9 Which object 4 metres in length and 1 metre wide is located in the cathedral of San Giovanni Battista?

10 Connection?  


1. The Merchant of VENICE

2. VICTORIA Principal

3. The Duke of WELLINGTON

4. James GALWAY


6. Dion DUBLIN

7. The Streets of LONDON

8. Audrey Forbes HAMILTON

9. The TURIN Shroud

10. Cities