Music Quiz 5

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1. Which animal gave the title to the Rolling Stones' second No. 1 from 1964?

2. Who sang 'Coward of the County' in 1980?

3. Which song by Survivor is the best selling UK heavy metal release of all time?

4. Whose first UK hit single was 'Got To Be There' in 1972?

5. Before Perfect Day Lou Reed only had chart entries with two other songs name one of them?

6. Which UK soul group released an album and single called 'Body Talk' in 1981?

7. With which Sinatra standard did Gary Shearston have his only ever UK chart entry in 1974?

8. Gerry Rafferty of Baker Street fame started out in a band with which Scottish comedian/actor?

9. Which group's early hits included 'Moving On Up' in 1993?

10. Who featured on Take That 1993 hit 'Relight My Fire'?  


1. Little Red Rooster

2. Kenny Rogers

3. Eye of the Tiger

4. Michael Jackson

5. Walk On The Wild side /Soul Man

6. Imagination

7. I Get A Kick Out Of You

8. Billy Connolly

9. M People

10. Lulu