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Music Quiz Questions1. Which fashionable name was given to the screaming teenage girls that went crazy for the young Frank Sinatra?

2. Musically speaking, all of the following have, at one time or other, had a 'flutter' at what?
    Frank Zappa, Jamie Oliver, Mel Brooks, Rick Astley, Peter Sellers, 
    Peter Gabriel, Billy Bob Thornton, Madonna and 'Chris Partridge'.

3. In song, which woman is "my pride and joy etc."?

4. Who entertained us all with these improvised words in song?  
    "Le spinash or le busho, cigaretto toto bello, Ce rakish spagoletto, si la tu  la tu la tua, 
    Senora Pelefima voulez-vous le taximeter, La zionata sur le tita, tu le tu le tu le wa"

5. Who recorded or appeared live under the following pseudonym's or stage names?  
    a. Larry Lurex  
    b. Tom and Jerry  
    c. Frabjoy and Runcible Spoon  
    d. Golliwogs  
    e. Davy Jones and the Lower Third  
    f. The Imposter  
    g. Luke the Drifter  
    h. Dukes of Stratosphere  
    i. Eivets Rednow  
    j. Glimmer Twins  
    k. Dr. Winston O'Boogie  
    l. Purple Helmets  
    m. L'Angelo Misterioso

6. 'Catch a falling star' was the first gold single in the USA in 1958. Who sang it?

7. Each of the following released a song, the title of which was also a well known book . Name the title of the song or book  .  
    a. Dire Straits  
    b. Rush  
    c. Spirit and David Bowie  
    d. Toyah  
    e. Metallica  
    f. Dolly Parton  
    g. The Doors

8. Who coined the phrase "Tune in, Turn on, Drop out",  which was a life philosophy, albeit temporarily, for most of the Woodstock Festival crowd?

9. What is the missing number in each of the following song titles?  
    a. O'clock tick tock  
    b. TVC  
    c. ways to leave your lover  
    d. miles away from home  
    e. with a bullit  
    f. minute hero  
    g. light years from home  
    h. pounds of bananas  
    i. blade knife  
    j. Wednesday morning am  
    k. New York Mining Disaster

10. Which man's music kills the Martians in the film Mars Attacks?


Download Music Quiz1. Bobbysoxers

2. Playing the drums(in a band)
    for example; Madonna in Breakfast Club, Peter Sellers in various dance bands, Frank Zappa in The Black Outs, Jamie Oliver in Scarlett Division, Billy Bob Thornton in a ZZ Top cover band and Chris Partridge in The Partridge Family.

3. Eleanor.  (The Turtles)

4. Charlie Chaplin as the singing waiter in Modern Times

5. Thirteen Answers:
    a. Freddie Mercury  
    b. Simon and Garfunkel  
    c. Godley and Creme  
    d. Creedence Clearwater Revival  
    e. David Bowie  
    f. Elvis Costello  
    g. Hank Williams  
    h. XTC  
    i. Stevie Wonder  
    j. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards  
    k. John Lennon  
    l. Stranglers  
    m. George Harrison

6. Perry Como

7. Seven Answers
    a. Romeo and Juliet  
    b. Tom Sawyer  
    c. 1984  
    d. Brave New World  
    e. For whom the bell tolls  
    f. Islands in the stream  
    g. Spy in the house of love

8. Timothy Leary

9. Answers
    Eleven Answers
    a. 11  
    b. 15  
    c. 50  
    d. 500  
    e. 18  
    f. 3  
    g. 2000  
    h. 30,000  
    i. 6  
    j. 3  
    k. 1941

10. Slim Whitman