Music Quiz 7

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1. In The Beatles' song When I'm 64, what are the names of the three grandchildren?

2. From which song do the following lyrics come 'I want the world to know I'm happy as can be'?

3. Which Irish group's 1st chart single was entitled 'Runaway'?

4. If you're going to San Francisco, what should you wear?

5. Pictures of Matchstick Men in 1968 was which groups first top 10 hit?

6. What British pop star changed his name from Thomas Hicks?

7. Which teenage opera singer recorded the album Voice Of An Angel?

8. Who had a posthumous hit with Distant Drums?

9. The late Jerry Garcia was a long time member of which group?

10. Who was 'Wired For Sound' in 1981?  

11. Rod Stewart's "Sailing" was used for a documentary about which ship?

12. Which Steve Coogan show used an Abba hit as its title?

13. Which sports presenter recorded "If" to the background of Faure's "Pavane" for the 1998 Football World Cup?

14. Eric Idle and Richard Wilson charted with the theme from which sitcom?

15. Which song from the 60's introduced Absolutely Fabulous?

16. Which 1970's Hot Chocolate hit advertised Cadbury's Hot Chocolate?

17. Clannad's "Legend" was the theme from which TV series?


1. Vera; Chuck; Dave

2. Congratulations (Cliff Richard)

3. The Corrs (1996)

4. Flowers In Your Hair

5. Status Quo

6. Tommy Steele

7. Charlotte Church

8. Jim Reeves

9. The Grateful Dead

10. Cliff Richard

11. HMS Ark Royal

12. Knowing Me Knowing You

13. Desmond Lynham

14. One Foot in the Grave

15. (This) Wheels On Fire

16. Put You Together Again

17. Robin of Sherwood