Pauls TV and Film Vehicles Quiz 1

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Match the vehicle on the right hand side with each of the following TV and film characters.

TV and Film Character


a. Number 6
b. Marty McFly
c. Bond Girl Aki
d. John Steed
e. Ron Weasley
f. Jethro Bodine
g. Frank Bullitt
h. Blues Brothers
i. Alvin Straight
j. Latka Gravas
k. The Monkees
l. Purdey
m. Columbo
n. Emma Peel
o. Simon Templar
p. Maxwell Smart
q. Michael Knight
r. Bad guy in Bullitt
s. Danny Wilde
t. Cathy Gale
u. Jerry Cotton
v. Brett Sinclair
w. Thomas Magnum
x. Jim Douglas
1. 1921 Oldsmobile flatbed
2. Ferrari Dino 
3. Aston Martin DBS
4. VW Beetle
5. DeLorean DMC
6. Dodge Charger 440 Magnum
7. Ford Anglia
8. 1926 4.5 litre Bentley
9. Jaguar E Type
10. Triumph Twin
11. Volvo P 1800
12. Sunbeam Tiger
13. Pontiac Trans Am
14. John Deere 66
15. Pontiac GTO (rebuilt)
16. Lotus Seven series II
17. Toyota 2000 GT
18. 1974 Dodge Monaco Special
19. Ferrari 308 GTS
20. Checker Cab
21. Lotus Elan S4
22. Ford Mustang 390 GT Fastback
23. Peugeot 403
24. Triumph TR 7


















































Answer Key:

a-16, b-5, c-17, d-8, e-7, f-1, g-22, h-18, i-14, j-20, k-15, l-24,
m-23, n-21, o-11, p-12, q-13, r-6, s-2, t-10, u-9, v-3, w-19, x-4


a. Number 6 drove a Lotus 7 series II in the opening scene of The Prisoner
b. Marty McFly flew a DeLorean DMC in Back to the Future
c. Bond girl Aki drove a Toyota 2000 GT in You only live twice
d. John Steed looked smart in a 1926 4.5 litre Bentley in The Avengers
e. Ron Weasley flew a Ford Anglia in Harry Potter
f. Jethro Bodine drove a 1921 Oldsmobile flatbed in The Beverly Hillbillies
g. Frank Bullitt drove a Ford Mustang 390 GT Fastback in Bullitt
h. The Blues Brothers ruined a 1974 Dodge Monaco Special in The Blues Brothers
i. Alvin Straight mowed a John Deere 66 in The Straight Story
j. Latka Gravas drove a Checker Cab in the TV series Taxi
k. The Monkees fooled around in a rebuilt Pontaic GTO in The Monkees
l. Purdey looked good in a Triumph TR 7 in The New Avengers
m. Columbo drove a Peugeot 403 convertible in Columbo
n. Emma Peel looked very good in a Lotus Elan S4 (and S2)
o. Simon Templar drove a Volvo P 1800 in The Saint
p. Maxwell Smart saved the world from KAOS in a Sunbeam Tiger
q. Michael Knight was driven by a Pontiac Trans Am
r. The bad guy in Bullitt lived dangerously in a Dodge Charger 440 Magnum
s. Danny Wilde drove a Ferrari Dino in The Persauders
t. Cathy Gale looked good on a Triumph Twin motorbike in The Avengers
u. Jerry Cotton wrecked a Jaguar E Type
v. Brett Sinclair lorded it up in a Aston Martin DBS in The Persuaders
w. Thomas Magnum drove a Ferrari 308 GTS in Magnum P I
x. Jim Douglas was driven up the wall by a VW Beetle in The Love Bug