Music Quiz 6

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1. Which musician played on both sides of the Atlantic at the Live Aid concert?

2. Who were the first Norwegian group to have a number one hit record in the UK?

3. What was the Beatles? biggest selling single?

4. Which members of the Bee Gees are twins?

5. What was the first solo number one hit in Britain by Diana Ross?

6. With which famous painter do we associate the song Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs?

7. Of which group were Gary Leeds, Scott Engel and John Maus members?

8. What do the songs God save the Queen, Relax and My Ding a Ling have in common?

9. Who recorded the album sticky fingers?

10. What was George Michael?s first solo hit called?  


1. Phil Collins

2. AHA

3. I Wanna Hold Your Hand

4. Maurice and Robin Gibb

5. I?m Still waiting

6. L.S. Lowrey

7. The walker Brothers

8. They were all banned by the BBC

9. The Rolling Stones

10. Careless Whisper


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