Name That Tune Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Paul Downie from the UK. Paul runs a quiz at the King Harold, in Harold Wood, and one at The Hutton, in Shenfield. Many thanks Paul, great job!

1. 'Wake up in the morning, slaving for bread, sir, so that every mouth can be fed.'

2. 'Here I stand head in hand Turn my face to the wall'

3. 'We All Came down to Montreaux'

4. 'I was born in a crossfire hurricane'

5. 'Watching the people get lairy Is not very pretty I tell thee'

6. 'Sometimes I get to feeling I was back in the ol' days, long ago'

7. 'Ooh it's so good, it's so good, it's so good, it's so good, it's so good'

8. 'There's no point in asking, you'll get no reply'

9. 'Ha, Ha, Ha, Whatcha laughin' at''

10. 'A new day another morning after, leaning back on my chair in a greasy spoon cafeteria'


1. The Israelites Desmond Dekker and & the Aces

2. Hey, Youve Got To Hide You Love Away The Beatles

3. Smoke On The Water, Deep Purple.

4. Jumping Jack Flash by the Rolling Stones

5. "I Predict A Riot', the Kaiser Chiefs

6. Those were the Days of our Lives, Queen

7. I Feel Love, by Donna Summer

8. Pretty Vacant, the Sex Pistols

9. 21 Seconds, So Solid Crew

10. Don't Mug Yourself Off, by the Streets


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