Material World Quiz 1

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1. What type of coal is brown and fibrous?

2. What raw material is used for making glass?

3. Which form of carbon conducts electricity?

4. What is the sticky wax obtained from sheep?

5. What is the strong inelastic material found in human tendon?

6. What is the name of the strong material found in plant cell walls?

7. What is the trade-name of the non-stick material used for coating cooking pans?

8. What material forms the outermost layer of human tooth?

9. What is the main component of the metal steel?

10. What name is given to the brittle kind of iron used for making engine blocks and manhole covers?


1. Lignite

2. Sand / Silicon dioxide

3. Graphite

4. Lanolin

5. Collagen

6. Cellulose

7. Teflon

8. Enamel

9. Iron

10. Cast Iron


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