Colours Quiz 7

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1. Of the 7 colours in the rainbow, which one is in the middle?

2. In a game of snooker, which colour ball is worth 5 points?

3. Who directed and starred in the 1981 film Reds?

4. Who wrote the song ?Blue Suede Shoes??

5. Which author wrote The white Company and A Study in Scarlet?

6. What is the predominant colour of all Venetian Gondolas?

7. In which of Shakespeare?s plays is the tune Greensleeves referred to twice?

8. What colour is the only property on a standard UK monopoly board that you can buy for ?240?

9. Who got to No.4 in the UK charts in 1965 with colours?

10. Which Asian capital city lies on the Red River?


1. Green

2. Blue

3. Warren Beatty

4. Car Perkins

5. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

6. Black

7. The Merry Wives of Windsor

8. Red

9. Donovan

10. Hanoi


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