Masters Quiz 1

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1. Stevie Wonders Master Blaster Jammin was a tribute to which Reggee singer?

2. Of which game was Bobby Fischer considered to be one of the greatest Grand Masters of all time?

3. Which word, derived from Swahili and used mainly in East Africa, means 'master'?

4. Who is normally the concert master?

5. Which Italian artist, a master of light, colour, and shadows was famous for his views of Venice and London?

6. What was the name of the master race propagated by Nazi Germany?

7. Who now hosts master chef?

8. What sort of master is an English judge who is the president of the civil division of the Court of Appeal?

9. In Greek mythology who had a faithful dog called Argus, who recognised his master after 20 years absence?

10. Which golf course always hosts the US Masters?


1. Bob Marley

2. Chess

3. Bwana

4. Lead Violinist

5. Canaletto

6. Aryan

7. Gary Rhodes

8. Master of the Rolls

9. Ulysees

10. Augusta


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