St Georges Day Quiz 1

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1. St. George is one of the so-called "Fourteen Holy Helpers". He is said to be the helper for the health of domestic animals. For four points, name four more of the "Fourteen Holy Helpers".

2. What have William Shakespeare and Rupert Brooke both in common, apart from the fact that they were both known for their literature?.

3.Which of the following is St. George NOT the patron saint of:
    a: Freemasons
    b: Scouts
    c: Athletes

4. True or false: the red cross on the St. George's cross represents martyrdom

5. Plus or minus one hundred years, in which year did St. George die?

6. And how was he excecuted?

7. Which group of people brought the story of Saint George and the Dragon to western Europe?

8. In which modern-day country did the legend of Saint George and the Dragon supposedly take place?

9. Why is St. George's day celebrated on May 6th in Georgia, a country that holds St. George as their patron saint?

10. In which country was St George born?

11. What was Ascalon?

12. The capital of which Caribbean island is called "St. George's"?

13. Which island was awarded the 'George Cross' after World War II?


1. The full list:
    Agathius (Acacius)
    Blaise (Blasius)
    Catherine of Alexandria
    Denis (Dionysus)
    Erasmus  (Elmo)
    Eustace  (Eustachius, Eustathius)
    Giles (Aegidius)
    Margaret of Antioch
    Pantaleon Pantaleon
    Vitus (Guy)

2. Both died on St. George's day, April 23rd. in fact, Shakespeare was also born on this day.

3. c: Athletes, that is St. Christopher

4. True

5. 303 AD (on April 23rd)

6. By decapitation

7. The Crusaders

8. Libya

9. May 6th is actually April 23rd in the Orthodox calendar

10. Now Turkey, then Greek-speaking Anatolia

11. The name of the lance that George apparently used to slay the dragon, a name recalling the city of Ashkelon, Israel. From this tradition, the name Ascalon was used by Winston Churchill for his personal aircraft during World War II, since St. George is the Patron Saint of England.

12. Grenada

13. Malta


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