Keeping up with the Joneses Quiz 2

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1. With which famous rock band did John Paul Jones play guitar?

2. In which sporting event did Ann Haydon Jones score a rare British success in 1969?

3. Where is Jonestown, the scene of a mass suicide by members of a religious sect?

4. What was the profession of Casey Jones, a folk hero celebrated in song?

5. As what was Edward Burne Jones known?

6. Who played the part of Miss Jones in the TV series Rising Damp?

7. What did Hugh Jones in 1982 and Steve Jones in 1985 win?

8. On which subject has Clay Jones regularly presented programmes on Radio 4?

9. Who wrote the novel Tom Jones?

10. How many times did golfer Bobby Jones win the US Open?  


1. Led Zeppelin

2. Won Ladies Singles Title at Wimbledon

3. Guyana

4. Train Driver

5. Painter

6. Francis De La Tour

7. London marathon

8. Gardening

9. Henry Fielding

10. 4


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