Entertainment Quiz 15

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1. What did Harry Enfield's Loadsamoney character do for a living?

2. What was Ingrid Bergman?s character in Casablanca called?

3. What were the real names of the TV characters who were "Alias Smith and Jones"?

4. Which classic movie was remade in 1999 starring Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan?

5. Which child actress played opposite her father in the film 'Paper Moon'?

6. What was the name of the group put together especially for a TV series, as an American answer to the Beatles?

7. Who starred as the villain in the remake of the film 'Cape Fear' in 1991?

8. Who starred with Jon Voight in the film 'Midnight Cowboy'?

9. What was Ringo Starr's original name?

10. Which musical instrument does Ravi Shankar play?  


1. Plasterer

2. Ilse Lund

3. Hannibal Heyes and Jed "Kid" Curry respectively

4. The Thomas Crown Affair

5. Tatum O?Neal

6. The Monkees

7. Robert De Niro

8. Dustin Hoffman

9. Richard Starkey

10. Sitar


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