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The following quiz was kindly Compiled by Kaushik Bhattacharya. Many thanks Kaushik, a very interesting round of questions there.

1) This company?s London Headquarters has employed a Secretary on behalf of Sherlock Holmes who informs interested parties that the legendary detective has retired from the strains of detective work and now keeps bees in Surrey. Name the company.

2) First operated with the punchline ?Safety & Dispatch?, this company was known to carry a Bull Dog in its logo. It began its existence as an express freight company after the merger of Wells & Co. with fellow express carriers Livingston & Fargo and Butterfield, which dates back to the American Wild West. Name the corporation.

3) This brand was named after the Latin translation of the founder?s name, which means ?Listen.? The legend has it that he founded this company after he was dismissed from his job on the pretext that he spent too much time driving cars. Name the company.

4) While flying bombers in South East Asia, he hit upon this novel idea and as a result started his company just outside the Detroit Airport in 1946 with a loan of $ 75,000 and three cars. Name this enterprising venture.

5) What began with the transmissions from 2LO ? a pre-WWII transmitter on November 14, 1922 when a news bulletin was read into a telephone handset, first normally, then at slow speed, before ending with the billiard scores?

6) Although in business for quite a while in the old world of Perth, he named his company after his name only in 1904, which years later was registered with the slogan ?After Ye Go? as its official brand slogan. Who on what?

7) Which ad trumpeted the arrival of WAIL (Wildlife Acoustic Information Link), which used ultrasonic sound waves to warn hedgehogs of oncoming vehicles on the highway?

8) Once scrawled on the walls of an Oxford College, it read: ?Deanz Meanz Finez!? This phrase was a popular variation of a catchphrase of a product that was born in the gardens of a 16-year old Pennsylvanian entrepreneur. Name the original catchphrase and the product.

9) This club began as Newton Health LYR in 1878 and became what it is known today only in 1902. After keeping a low-profile for almost half-a-century its fortunes turned tables with a freak named Matt Busby. Name the club.

10) What was Jim Deligatt?s, the blue-eyed boy of R.K. and a leading franchise of a chain of restaurants in Pittsburgh, claim to fame?


1: Abbey National. Abbey house occupies 221B Baker Street.

2: American Express.

3: Audi. After founder August Hurch (Hurch is Latin for listen).

4: Avis Rent-A-Car was founded by Warren Avis.

5: The birth of BBC.

6: Arthur J. Bell on Bell?s.

7: BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) in its April Fools Day Ad. Every year, BMW runs an ad on 1st April to showcase believable features of BMW Models.

8: ?Beanz Meanz Heinz? of Heinz. Founded by Henry J. Heinz and he first bottled dried and grated horse-radish so that his customers could see he is selling genuine product without any cheap fillers.

9: Manchester United.

10: He created the Big Mac in 1968. R.K. is, as you all know, Ray Kroc.


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