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The following quiz was kindly Compiled by Kaushik Bhattacharya. Many thanks Kaushik, a very interesting round of questions there.

1) What describes the 1916 photograph of Jesse Shwayder, his father and three of his brothers standing on top of a suitcase and it served as the company?s trademark for many years?

2) What was launched in the year 1919 with the moving images of starving Austrian children after the WWI that had the following precept: ?______________ must work for its own extinction. It must not be contented to save children from the hardships ? it must abolish these hardships.?

3) Its very first industrial use was pioneered by Henry Ford though it was only patented in the year 1937 and consequently commenced its production in Action, West London. Name the brand.

4) Its first product was a rice-cooker, but it also created the TC-50 tape recorder used in the historic Apollo 10 space flight. Name the brand.

5) His first advertising slogan was straight-to-the-point: ?Don?t ask the price ? it?s a penny!? which also solved his problem of speaking poor English because he was a migrant Russian. His first stall was set up in Leeds in the late 1880s. Name him and his enterprise.

6) Its pedigree dates back to 1911 when Trade Unionists produced a strike sheet called The Daily Herald. But it truly came a long way from a dry-as-dust trade union journal to its recent avatar ? even Samantha Fox had posed topless for its Page Three girl column in 1983.

7) He thought about this in a social meeting organized by the Leicester Temperance Society in 1841, which was keen to rid Victorian Britain of its social ills, particularly alcohol. He also went on become the first escort at the opening of the Suez Canal in 1872. Name this socially-conscious trotter.

8) He began his business empire with the launch of ?Student? magazine in 1968 and is today found to be more ?reliable?, ?trustworthy? and ?intelligent? than the Conservative Party. Labour Party and the Royal Family. Name it.

9) It produced 2.5 million bayonets during the First World War and was named after one of the apprentices of Henry Nock. Just name the company.

10) The book ?Fly Fishing? by J.R. Hartley, which gets a mention in this particular brand?s TV commercial aired in 1983, was actually not written until 1991. Name this brand, which gave birth to this anachronistic event of Hartley.


1: Samsonite. Its ?worldproof? durability.

2: Save The Children was founded by Eglantyne Jebb in UK.

3: Sellotape.

4: Sony.

5: Michael Marks of Marks & Spencer.

6: The Sun.

7: Thomas Cook.

8: Virgin.

9: Wilkinson Sword (After James Wilkinson, 1772).

10: Yellow Pages.


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