Motoring Quiz 2

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Many thanks go to Dave Murten for this round. Dave presents his quiz at The Waterloo Pub in Blackpool, UK. Many thanks Dave.

1. A Moped Licence allows a learner to ride mopeds which are defined as up to 50cc with a maximum speed of, what?

2. If you have a full car licence, you can ride a motorcycle as a learner up to what size engine?

3. What colour backgrounds do signs have for (a) ?Hospital with A & E? and (b) ?Hospital No A & E??

4. What is the maximum speed limit for a car towing a caravan when on a motorway?

5. What symbol, on a road sign, indicates a restaurant at the next services?

6. On a low bridge warning with a headroom of 14?-6?, what is the metric equivalent?

7. What colour background do signs showing tourist information have?

8. What is the minimum legal tread depth across ? of the breadth of a tyre on a car?

9. What does a white walking stick with red hoops on it indicate about the person carrying it?

10. What is the maximum fine for breaking the speed limit on a motorway? 


1. 50 km/h (31 mph)

2. 125cc (or 11kW power output) [Will accept either]

3. (a) Red (b) Blue

4. 60mph

5. A crossed fork and spoon

6. 4.4m

7. Brown

8. 1.6mm

9. The person is blind and deaf.

10. ?2,500


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