Entertainment Quiz 12

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1. Which 1997 film did Jim Carey play a character known as Fletcher Reid?

2. Whom did Bernard Hill play in the TV series Boyz from the black stuff?

3. In Which 1989 film did Sean Connery play Professor Henry Jones?

4. Who played Godbar in porridge?

5. Who played the title role in Lady Caroline Lamb in 1972?

6. What was the name of the final Inspector Morse episode?

7. Who was the first host of Blankety Blank?

8. Which gangster did Faye Dunaway in the 1967 Arthur Penn Film play?

9. Which character does Nancy Cartwright play in the Simpsons?

10. Which film comedy group was once known as the four nightingales?  

11. In the first ever episode who lived at 11 coronation street?

12. From which song do the following lyrics come from: don’t tell me it’s not worth fighting for, i can’t help it, there’s nothing i want more? (extra point for the artist)

13. Who starred as the skipper of the andrea gail in the 2000 film the perfect storm?

14. Which comedy duo appeared unplanned on itv?

15. For which film did Kevin Costner win a best director oscar in 1990?

16. Sting was lead soloist with which pop group?

17. About which film did quentin tarantino say “we’re gonna sell you the seat…but you’re only gonna use the edge of it?

18. When spanish tv bought the comedy series fawlty towers, the character of manuel was changed to what nationality?

19. What is the stage name of the actress born Stefania Federkiewicz?

20. What was the name of Postman Pats cat?


1. Liar Liar

2. Yosser Hughes

3. Indiana Jones & Last Crusade

4. Richard Beckensdale

5. Sarah Miles 

6. Remorseful day

7. Terry Wogan

8. Bonnie Parker

9. Bart

10. Marx Bros  

11. Jack & annie walker (no. 11 is the rover's return)

12. Everything i do i do for you / bryan adams

13. George clooney

14. David Baddiel and Frank Skinner

15. Dances with wolves

16. The police

17. Reservoir dogs

18. Italian

19. Stephanie Powers

20. Jess  


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