Saints And Sinners Quiz 1

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1. Where Do Southampton Fc ( The Saints) Play Their Home Games?

2. On Which Date Is All Saints Day?

3. Who Played Simon Templar In The 1997 Film The Saint?

4. In Which Swiss Skiing Resort Is The Famous Cresta Run

5. Who Is The Patron Saint Of Mountaineers?

6. Who Designed The non-Citroen C5 Vehicle?

7. The Name Of Which Political Party Means Literally ?Ourselves Alone? In Gaelic?

8. In Theology Did Adam Or Eve Commit What Has Become To Be Known As Original Sin?

9. Sinhalese Is The Name Of The Largest Ethnic Group And Also The Language Spoken On Which Island Republic In The Indian Ocean?

10. If You Were A Sinophile You Would Be A Lover Of Which Country


1. St. Mary's

2. November 1st

3. Val Kilmer

4. St Moritz

5. Saint Bernard

6. Sir Clive Sinclair

7. Sinn Fein

8. Adam

9. Sri Lanka

10. China


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