Carry On Films Quiz 2

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1. In which year was the first of the carry on films 'carry on sergeant' released?

2. Which Carry on film was set in India?

3. What was the name of the character played by Jim Dale in 'carry on cowboy'?

4. Who played Cleopatra in carry on Cleo?

5. Whose only appearance in a carry on came in 'carry on screaming' playing superintendent bung?

6. What was the name of the holiday resort visited by the gang in 'carry on abroad'?

7. Which American comedian starred in carry on Follow that Camel?

8. In which of the carry on films did Elke Summer play a Russian archaeologist professor Anna Vooshka?

9. Which was the first carry on film to feature Barbara Windsor - a clue - you will find the answer in the cafe Mozart at 10 o'clock.

10. Charles Hawtrey was due to play the ships cook in 'carry on cruising', but due to a disagreement over billing he declined. Who took his place as Wilfred Haines in that film?

11. In 'carry on nurse', with what did Wilfred Hyde-White, as the grumpy colonel, have his temperature taken, towards the end of the film?

12. Name any of the 4 'carry on' in which the lovely Liz Frazer appeared

13. Who enjoyed a rare starring role as midshipman Albert Poop-Decker in 'carry on jack'?

14. Who played the title role in carry on Emmanuelle?

15. Which Carry on star died on stage in Sunderland?

16. Who said the immortal line Infamy Infamy, they've all got it in for me?

17. Who played Tarzan in Carry on up the Jungle?

18. What is the name of the caravan site in 'carry on camping'?

19. Which film company released the Carry On films?

20. In which film did Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Leslie Phillips & Kenneth Williams enlist in the police force?  


1. 1958

2. Carry on up the Kyber

3. Marshal P. Knut

4. Amanda Barrie

5. Harry H. Corbett

6. Elsbeles

7. Phil silvers

8. Carry on Behind

9. Carry on Spying

10. Lance Perceival

11. A daffodil

12. Carry on regardless, cruising, cabby & behind

13. Bernard Cribbens

14. Suzanne Daniel

15. Sid James

16. Kenneth Williams

17. Terry Scott

18. Paradise

19. Rank

20. Carry on constable  


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