Monsters Quiz 2

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1. In which mountain range is the yeti said to live?

2. Which true life historical figure is supposed to have been the basis for Bram Stokers Dracula?

3. What type of monsters did Ragnar of Denmark and Beowulf defeat?

4. Which film connects Monty Python and a Lewis Carroll monster?

5. A werewolf could only be killed with what?

6. Who made the monsters for the film Jason and the Argonauts?

7. Which race of people believe monsters called Bunyips and Howies existed in Dreamtime?

8. The giant Goliath was slain by David in the bible what army was Goliath a member of?

9. Name the dragon who guarded the treasure in the book the hobbit?

10. The loch Ness monster is said by some to be a survivor of which species of dinosaur?


1. The Himalayas

2. Vlad the impaler

3. Dragons

4. The Jabberwocky

5. Silver Bullet

6. Ray Harryhausen

7. Aborigines

8. The Philistines

9. Smaug

10. Plesiosaur


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