Introducing the Premium Member Section

As a regular visitor to, you'll know that our site is packed to the hill with usable quiz material.

That said, the free material that you find at our website is not our very best work!

We keep our very best work hidden away from Google etc and available only for our Premium Members. Why hide it away? So many quiz writers and quiz presenters have to battle against questions being able to be solved via internet search engines. Our solution is to put the questions behind a locking mechanism to stop google from reaching those questions and answers, therefore taking away the risk of quiz players cheating during quiz events.

Each week, we add a new round of twenty questions and answers that Paul has spent time researching, writing and rewriting to get it absolutely perfect for Quizmasters that want to spice up their weekly quiz nights.

New material gets added to the Premium section every Saturday evening and our Premium Members simply login to, select the "Premium" menu that appears at the top of each page after logging-in and are instantly able to access our new material.

New material is added EVERY week of the year, without fail!

Premium Members automatically gain access to all existing Premium material as part of their subscription, which currently stands at over three years worth of our weekly offerings!

Search engines won't be able to get their hands on it as it's all hidden away behind a secure login facility, meaning your quiz teams won't be able to search Google for the answers quite so easily.

It's jam-packed full of complete quizzes, printable answer sheets, picture quizzes and so much more.

We've also removed the advertising from the Premium pages. Obviously we have to make a living, hence why we have advertising space on our website.


How can I join?

Simply, as follows:

  1. Register an account by clicking here.
  2. Choose a subscription plan from the list and click the "Sign Up" button.
  3. Existing users may login with their details and new users may create an account
  4. After payment is processed, you're ready to go. Simply login and head for the "Premium" menu item at the top of the page. Underneath you will find all of the Premium content sections that give you instant access to your quiz material.

We treat your information as private and all passwords are encrypted in our database so not even we have access to them!

The only emails you will receive from us are a quick confirmation that your subscription has been activated and a second one just as your subscription is about to expire, that's it!  We do not feel that the subscription cost is high, we have to cover our hosting costs as well as purchase software for accepting payments and keeping things secure. 




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