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1. Worldwide, which three movies were the biggest box office hits of 2023?

2. NFL player Damar Hamlin topped the 2023 Google list of most searched personalities globally. Which 52 year old Hollywood actor was 2nd on this list?

3. Which one of the following was the most popular girls name in the UK, the USA and Canada in 2023?
a. Sophia,  b. Emma,  c. Olivia,  d. Amelia

4. On the 2 November 2023, The Beatles released what has been dubbed as "the last Beatles song". What is
a. the title of this "last" song
b. the title of The Beatles 1962 debut single?

5. Which golden trophy was presented to Miyazawa Hinata in August 2023?

6. Which country joined NATO on the 4 April 2023?

7. Kelvin Kiptum broke the world record time for the marathon at the 2023 Chicago marathon. Plus or minus 35 sec, what was his record time over the 42.195 km (26.2 mile) distance?

8. What were each of the following dictionaries 'word of the year' 2023?
a. Collin's (2 letters)
b. Oxford's (4 letters)
c. Merriam-Webster's (9 letters)

9. Which Korean dish was Google's top trending search result for 2023 in the category 'Recipes'?

10. On 14 April 2023 the European Space Agency (ESA) launched a spacecraft which will eventually search for life on the moons surrounding Jupiter. Plus or minus 2, in which year will it reach the Jovian system?

11. My Effin' Life is the title of which Canadian musician's 2023 memoir?
a. Neil Young,  b. Drake  c. Geddy Lee,  d. Justin Bieber

12. Who is Time Magazine's Person of the Year 2023?

13. What are the two most populated cities in the world as of 2023?

14. In which month in 2023 did the WHO declare that Covid 19 was no longer a global health emergency?
a. February  b. May  c. July d. November

15. Born Anna Mae Bullock in 1939, this popular singer, songwriter and actress passed away in May 2023. What was her stage name?

16. What was Google's top trending search result for 2023 in each of the following categories?
a. Movies
b. TV Shows

17. According to Forbes Magazine, with 136 million dollars (46 million on-field, 90 million off-field), who is the highest paid athlete of 2023?
a. Dustin Johnson,  b. LeBron James,  c. Canelo Alvarez,  d. Cristiano Ronaldo

18. What is 2023 in Roman numerals?

19. Who are No 1 and No 2 on Spotify's 2023 list 'Most-Streamed Artists Globally'?

20. Which European country phased out the last of its nuclear reactors in 2023?


1. Three answers. In order: Barbie, The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Oppenheimer.

2. Jeremy Renner

3. Answer c. Olivia (on most lists)

4. Two answers.
a. Now and Then
b. Love Me Do (PS I Love You was the b side)

5. Golden Boot (for the most goals at the FIFA Women's World Cup)

6. Finland

7. 2:00:35

8. Three answers.
a. AI
b. Rizz
c. Authentic

9. Bibimbap

10. 2031

11. Answer c. Geddy Lee

12. Taylor Swift

13. Two answers. Tokyo and Delhi

14. Answer b. May

15. Tina Turner

16. Two answers.
a. Barbie
b. The Last Of Us

17. Answer d. Cristiano Ronaldo


19. Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny

20. Germany

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