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1. Based on the best selling 1979 album, Pink is the central character in which animated surrealistic musical drama from the year 1982?

2. With a population of 400,000, Iquitos is the largest city in the world not connected to the outside world by road. In which country is it located?

3. Which of the following was the bloodiest day in American military history?
a. Pearl Harbour Attack,  b. D Day,  c. Battle of New Orleans,  d. Battle of Antietam

4. Gaw, Ika, Hourk, Faum and Gammla are a few of the many characters in which 1981 prehistoric adventure film that won an Academy Award for Makeup?

5. The name of which famous Spanish fortress translated means "the red one"?

6. Time Magazine's 1993 Man of the Year award was given to "The Peacemakers". Can you name the four peacemakers? One point for each correct answer.

7. The movie poster tag line for which 1997 horror sequel was "Things are about to get a little hairy"?

8. Which two countries joined to form the short lived United Arab Republic between the years 1958-1961?

9. What is Mr. Darcy's first name in Pride and Prejudice?

10. The tragus is located on which part of the human body?

11. A popular board game and the name of US President Richard Nixon's pet cocker spaniel.

12. What is the only US state that borders three Canadian provinces?

13. Which historical figure is mentioned in The Beatles song 'I'm So Tired'?

14. Which epic historical 2005 film ends with the following words?
"And I am the King of England."
"I am the blacksmith."

15. Each of the following are the second largest cities in which European countries? One point for each correct answer.
a. Espoo
b. Debrecen
c. Esch-sur-Alzette

16. Andrew is the name of the family dog in which very popular Disney film?

17. Who are the only three men to have won more than 10 majors in golf? One point for each correct answer.

18. A meat salad named 'Larb' is regarded as the national dish in which Asian country?
a. Nepal,  b. Vietnam,  c. Mongolia,  d. Laos

19. The human pancreas looks like which one of the following fruits?
a. banana,  b. strawberry,  c. avocado,  d. mandarin

20. Who are the only father and daughter collaboration to have had a number one hit single in the US music charts?


1. Pink Floyd-The Wall

2. Peru

3. Answer d. Battle of Antietam

4. Quest For Fire

5. Alhambra

6. Four answers. Nelson Mandela, FW de Klerk, Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin

7. An American Werewolf In Paris

8. Syria and Egypt

9. Fitzwilliam

10. Ear

11. Checkers

12. Montana (Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia)

13. Sir Walter Raleigh

14. Kingdom Of Heaven

15. Three answers.
a. Finland
b. Hungary
c. Luxembourg

16. Mary Poppins

17. Three answers. Jack Nicklaus (18), Tiger Woods (14), Walter Hagen (11)

18. Answer d. Laos

19. Answer a. banana

20. Frank and Nancy Sinatra (Something Stupid)

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