Pauls Quiz 454

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1. The Scottish keyboardist Ian Stewart is also known as 'The sixth' what?

2. The name of which collection of houses is derived from the French word 'to speak'?

3. An expensive 1980 film flop, a hit single, a summer capital and the name of Charles Foster Kane's estate. One word.

4. The name of which kind of horse means 'painted'?

5. What is the largest country in the world without an airport?

6. Which 1954 romantic comedy starring Audrey Hepburn and William Holden was re-made in 1995 (with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond)?

7. Archimedes' Constant is better known as what?

8. The territory French Guiana excluded, what is the smallest sovereign country in South America?

9. Bush, Fae's, Pit, McMahon's and Russell's are all examples of what?

10. In the early 16th century almost half of the African east coast was claimed by which European country?

11. Due to France's opposition to a war on Iraq in 2003, French Fries found in cafeterias at the US House of Representative's were re-named what?

12. In which film does a pit bull named Brandy help save his owner's life from house intruders?

13. Which one of the following is the world's largest honey bee?
a. Himalayan giant honey bee,  b. Rocky Mt giant honey bee,  c. Alpen giant honey bee,  d. Andean giant honey bee

14. Over 90% of all the Fine Opals in the world are found in mines located in which country?

15. In which film does Laurence Olivier play?
a. A Nazi hunter
b. A hunted Nazi

16. Which famous gold coin, first introduced in the 13th century, was named after a European city?

17. Since the Open era in 1968, which male tennis player holds the record as the oldest finalist at Wimbledon, the US Open and the Australian Open?

18. What is the name of the second most widely planted red wine grape in the world? (First letter 'G')

19. What is the other name for the alternative alphabet sometimes known as '1337'?

20. As of May 2024, how many billionaires are there in the UK? Plus or minus 25


1. 'The sixth Stone' or 'The sixth Rolling Stone'

2. Houses of Parliament 

3. Xanadu

4. Pinto

5. Andorra (Other countries without an airport (yet smaller than Andorra) are Liechtenstein, Vatican and Monaco - all four have heliports)

6. Sabrina

7. Pi

8. Suriname

9. Vipers

10. Portugal

11. Freedom Fries (French toast was re-named Freedom toast)

12. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

13. Answer a. Himalayan giant honey bee

14. Australia

15. Two answers.
a. The Boys From Brazil
b. Marathon Man

16. Florin (after Florence)

17. Ken Rosewall (Rosewall was 39 years old in 1974 when he reached the final at both Wimbledon and the US Open, he was 37 when he reached the Australian Open final in 1972)

18. Grenache (according to The Oxford Companion to Wine)

19. Leet (or eleet, leetspeak)

20. 165

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