Pauls Quiz 452

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1. Who was Bonnie Blue's doting father?

2. Which two groups both had a record eight number one hit singles in the UK charts during the 1990s? One point for each correct answer.

3. A movie term and engraving technique. One word, first letter C last letter o

4. What cabalistic charm word may well have been constructed from the initials of the Hebrew words for father, son and holy spirit?

5. Each of the following football/soccer venues has a capacity of 75,000 or more spectators. In which country is each one located? One point for each correct answer.
a. Estadio do Maracana
b. New Administrative Capital Stadium
c. FNB Stadium (or "Soccer City")
d. San Siro

6. Which film title is also the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger's autobiography?
a. Total Recall  b. End of Days  c. True Lies  d. Eraser

7. What is the southernmost country in the world?

8. What is the heaviest (living) bird native to North America? 2 words

9. Who was the first man to pose nude on the cover of the British Cosmopolitan magazine?
a. Peter Sellers,  b. Alan Bates,  c. Ian McShane,  d. Malcolm McDowell

10. What was the name of the skiffle band formed by John Lennon in 1956?

11. In the film Pretty Woman Vivian is snubbed in an expensive dress shop located on which famous shopping mile?

12. Which one of the following terms from the world of sport is also the name of the indentation or dimple found at the bottom of a wine bottle?
a. Inning  b. Crease  c. Tee  d. Punt

13. Which horse breed has the very recognisable leopard spotted pattern on its coat?

14. What is the bacterial disease pertussis better known as?

15. Five of the 13 original U.S. states have names ending with the letter "a". Can you name them?

16. For which two films did Clint Eastwood receive the Academy Award for Best Director?

17. The fortified sweet wine Marsala is made on which island?

18. Each of the following songs are from groups in which Eric Clapton was a band member. Can you name the band? One point for each correct answer.
a. Layla
b. White Room
c. For Your Love
d. Can't Find My Way Home

19. In which country were each of the following actresses born?
a. Margot Robbie
b. Eva Green
c. Natalie Portman
d. Emma Watson

20. Plus or minus 5, how many floors does the Empire State Building have?


1. Rhett Butler

2. Two answers. Take That and Spice Girls

3. Cameo

4. Abracadabra

5. Four answers.
a. Brazil
b. Egypt
c. South Africa
d. Italy

6. Answer a. Total Recall

7. Chile

8. Trumpeter Swan

9. Answer c. Ian McShane

10. The Quarrymen

11. Rodeo Drive

12. Answer d. Punt 

13. Appaloosa

14. Whooping cough

15. Five. Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and North Carolina.

16. Two answers. Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby

17. Sicily

18. Four answers.
a. Derek and the Dominos
b. Cream
c. Yardbirds
d. Blind Faith

19. Four answers.
a. Australia
b. France
c. Israel
d. France

20. 102

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