Pauls Quiz 450

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1. What did the Wright brothers build for a living before they found fame with their Flyer I aeroplane?

2. In which Arnold Schwarzenegger film are there robotic automatons called "Johnny Cabs"?

3. What winds all told circa 30,000 km from Prudhoe Bay to Ushuaia?

4. The name for which type of building stems from the Greek word for a unit of measurement and or a foot race?

5. Which famed guitarist played on Petula Clark's Downtown, Donavan's Sunshine Superman, Shirley Bassey's Goldinger and Joe Cocker's With A Little Help From My Friends?

6. What was Jakarta called from the early 17th century up until 1949?

7. What was the name of the CIA's black ops program that created the assassin Jason Bourne?

8. Which two countries were involved in the 1939 'Winter War'?

9. Which two European countries have the shortest coastlines in the world?

10. The film debuts for both William Hurt and Drew Barrymore were in which 1980 Ken Russell film?

11. In which year were the Olympic Games held for the first time in an Asian country?

12. Perfect, Fibonacci, Mersenne, Odd, Transcendental and Fermat are all examples of what?

13. The album cover art work for which Rod Stewart album is based on Renoir's painting 'Le Moulin de la galatte'?

14. What are the 8 bones that form the human wrist called?

15. Who is known as "the father of the zombie film"?

16. In which year did the world population first reach 1,000,000,000?
a. 1600  b. 1700  c. 1800  d. 1900 

17. What is
a. the longest river in Italy
b. the largest lake in Italy? 

18. List the four Beatles in order of age, starting with the oldest.

19. Which of the following is one of the world's most venomous marine animals?
a. Blue-ringed octopus,  b. Black-ringed octopus,  c. Red-ringed octopus,  d. Yellow-ringed octopus

20. Which western held the prime time TV record in the US for most episodes until The Simpsons surpassed it in 2018?


1. Bicycles (Wright Cycling Company)

2. Total Recall

3. Pan-American Highway

4. Stadium 

5. Jimmy Page

6. Batavia

7. Threadstone

8. Soviet Union and Finland

9. Monaco and Bosnia and Herzogovina

10. Altered States

11. 1964 (Tokyo)

12. Numbers

13. A Night on the Town

14. Carpal bones

15. George A Romero

16. Answer c. 1800 (according to the Population Reference Bureau Inc., Washington)

17. Two answers.
a. Po
b. Lake Garda 

18. Ringo, John, Paul, George. 
Ringo (July 7th 1940) John (October 9th 1940), Paul (June 18th 1942) and George (February 25th 1943)

19. Answer a. Blue-ringed octopus

20. Gunsmoke

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