Pauls Quiz 439

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1. Which mega hit song from 1967 begins with the words "Seven-A"?

2. Which French town has the greatest number of hotels per sq km after Paris?

3. Which time keeping monsters sound "like Rice Krispies after you pour the milk in"?

4. Which woman spent a record 377 weeks at No 1 in the WTA rankings?
a. Serena Williams,  b. Chris Evert,  c. Stefi Graf

5. The name for which Indian curry dish translated means "hot fry"?

6. Which hit song begins with
a. "It was the third of September"
b. "It was the third of June"

7. Where did Saint Simeon Stylites the Elder spend 39 years of his life?

8. In which film does the mere mention of the name Frau Blücher frighten all the horses?

9. Which Sir is Sean Lennon's godfather?

10. In Game of Thrones, many of the backdrop scenes for King's Landing are filmed in which European coastal city?

11. Which chocolate bar was named after Ethel Mars favourite race horse?
a. Bounty,  b. Aero,  c. Kit Kat,  d. Snickers

12. Which controversial 1979 film stars Peter O'Toole, Helen Mirren and Malcolm McDowell?

13. What were the three most populated countries in the world in 1850?

14. Plus or minus 4, in which year did the US Surgeon General first publish its report on the negative health effects of tobacco smoking?

15. Which Asian country's name means "Holy Island"?

16. Nicknamed the "Black Pearl", which American dancer helped the French Resistance during WWII?

17. Name the film in which David Bowie played the following characters?
a. Major Jack Celliers
b. Pontius Pilate
c. Nikola Tesla

18. Which US President was a former director of the C.I.A.?

19. Which fictional couple is mentioned in each of the following songs?
Don't Fear The Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult), Fire (Bruce Springsteen), Fever (Peggy Lee) and Stuck In The Moment (Justin Bieber)

20. The following was the movie poster tag line for which 1970 documentary?
"The music that thrilled the world .... and the killing that stunned it."


1. Daydream Believer (Monkees)

2. Lourdes

3. Langoliers

4. Answer c. Stefi Graf

5. Jalfrezi

6. Two answers.
a. Papa Was A Rolling Stone (The Temptations)
b. Ode To Billie Joe (Bobby Gentry)   (Neil Diamond's 'Desiree' also begins with "It was the 3rd of June")

7. On top of a pillar

8. Young Frankenstein

9. Sir Elton John

10. Dubrovnik

11. Answer d. Snickers

12. Caligula

13. Three answers. In order: China, India and Russia

14. 1964

15. Sri Lanka

16. Josephine Baker

17. Three answers.
a. Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence
b. The Last Temptation Of Christ
c. The Prestige

18. George H W Bush

19. Romeo and Juliet

20. Gimme Shelter

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